You can place orders on on-line shop BE UNIQUE as follows:

 Choose products in the group by clicking on it. See detailed description and pictures of the items. Depending on availability and model you can choose the color, size or other existing features.
 The price of the product is listed in BGL, VAT included.
  In the cart you see already selected items. Pressing the "X" button you can remove the item from your cart. If you want to increase or decrease the number of ordered items, you can do it in the cells of quantity. When you have finished shopping, fill in all required fields, select "I agree with the terms" and press "Order" or "Register and order."
 In the "note or comment" specify the desired method of payment and invoice details, if is necessary to issue one.
 Pressing the "order" your order has been confirmed and accepted by the system of BE UNIQUE and you'll get to your e-mail information about its status. Operators of BE UNIQUE will contact you from 9:00 am to 17.30 pm from Monday to Friday for specifying details or confirming receipt of the order.
 Delivery time is 3 working days from the day following acceptance of the payment or 3 working days from the day for orders with cash payments.
  In the event that a product is not available delivery time is 20 working days. In this case, you have every right to cancel your order.

Refusal, exchange, claim


You have the right to cancel, replace or make a claim in the following cases:

  The goods supplied do not correspond to the stated purchase from you and it can be established by an ordinary review. When transporting the product or its packaging is damaged. For this purpose it is necessary after examination of the goods not to sign the delivery documents accompanying the courier company and immediately contact the operator of BE UNIQUE specifying further action. Refuse to receive the goods is inadmissible after signing the accompanying delivery documents. After receiving the goods you have the right to request its return at a significant deficiency, which could not be detected in a simple review of the same. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the operator of BE UNIQUE. You have the right, without compensation, to cancel the contract within seven days from the day following receipt of the goods. In this case, you must return the goods in the original packaging, intact and on its own account with the same forwarder.

 In case of discrepancy between the stated purchase and deliver, which was not possible to be established at the time of delivery, you may want your delivered goods to be replaced by a corresponding you've made a purchase application within one working day of receipt . For this purpose it is necessary client to connect to an operator of BE UNIQUE. If you received your requested item, but you want to replace it, you must return the goods in the original packaging intact and you pay the courier service in both directions (for the return of items to the supply of new).

 You can make a claim of a product with manufacturing defects established after receipt. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the operator of BE UNIQUE.


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